FFrequently ASKED questions

What would you like to know?

How do you pronounce your name?


What is HEG?

HEG is an abbreviation of Howesclere Evergreens & Gardens. It's much easier to say, and it ties in our heritage nicely. Heg in Dutch means a row of hedges or bushes. So we like to consider our HEG community a group of close minded people (like a hedgerow) who love gardening and nature like we do.

When are you open?

Currently, we are only open during posted events. Shop orders will receive pick up times in emails.

What kind of events do you offer?

- Floral Design

- Art Classes for adults & children

- Gardening Classes

- Picnic Days

- Concerts

- Film Location

Can I book my own event?

Currently, we are only operating our own events. We will open up these opportunities in the future.

Are You open for collaborations?

Yes, please send inquiries that benefit both parties in our contact page.

Are You dog friendly?

Not at this time.

Do you offer garden consulting?

Yes, we would love to help you with your garden design needs.