An escape to inspiration.

Howesclere Evergreens & Gardens is a fourty acre experience featuring botanical gardens + lavender fields + rolling hills and water features. Located in the Sumas Moutains of the Fraser Valley, our escape offers experiences such as garden workshops + concerts + film locations + farm to table produce, and more.

As mindful stewards, we daily infuse this land with heart and hard work; patiently and diligently building a generational legacy that can be enjoyed for many years to come. We aim to create a diverse experience that is awe-inspiring, while also capturing the pace & bounty that the pacific northwest provides.

  • Sustainabilty

    Our hardworking approach to the land is one of mindfulness & reverence to the beauty of God's creation. Our gardening techniques focus on soil health + organic practices + and the inclusion native species.

  • Humble Stewards

    Daily we infuse this land with heart & hard work; patiently and diligently for generations to come.

    " Everything we have is on loan from the Lord, entrusted to us for awhile to use in serving him."

    - John Macarthur

  • Integrity

    As we maintain the honorabiltiy of our natural environment, we too promise to hold ourselves and our business practices to the utmost sincerity & trustworthiness.

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